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Call Log #163: Fire Alarm - Pine Grove Square Drive
17 December 2013

Took call for Station 85 (Pine Twp) while they were on an MVC. Company was testing the alarms. Proper codes given.

Call Log #162: Gas Leak - Ivan Drive
17 December 2013

Gas lamp was hit causing a small leak. Facility matienance handled repairs, no hazards.

Call Log #161: Reported Structure Fire - Perry Hwy
16 December 2013

Dispatched to assist Springfield Twp (Station 77) for unknown material burning in a structure. Tee fire was extinguished by people on scene with a fire extinguisher prior to arrival. Tower and RIT 95 stood by in station.

Call Log #160: Structure Fire - Hosack Rd
15 December 2013

Just as our Sunday morning training began, RIT 95 was dispatched to assist Jackson Center (Station 92) on a commercial garage fire. Upon arrival, we established RIT, but thanks to rapid extinguishment by the first arriving units, we were quickly cleared from the scene.

Call Log #158: Structure Fire - Gasper Rd
12 December 2013

Initally dispatched as a car fire, it was quickly upgraded to a structure fire since the vehicle was inside a strucure. The upgrade brought Tower and Engine 95, along with units from 77 (Springfield), 87 (Mercer East End), and 100 (Superior EMS) to the scene to assist 85 (Pine Twp). C85 marked on scene with a heavy working fire and requested a 2nd alarm. Tower 95 performed vertical ventilation, cutting a hole in the roof to let smoke and fire out and later assisted with overhaul. Engine 95 laid into the scene, then split their crew. Half the crew pulled a line and assisted on primary fire attack while the other half assisted with ventilation and overhaul. The 10 degree weather was also a factor, especially during cleanup, since hose, gear, and equipmemt was covered in ice.

Call Log #156 & 157: Odor Investigation - Richardson Rd
12 December 2013

Station 95, along with Station 77 (Springfield) and Station 100 (Superior EMS) responded to assist Station 85 (Pine Twp) with a report of smoke in a structure. Upon investigation, odor was located as a malfunctioning light.

Call Log #155: Lines Down - Tidball Av & Bryant Av
11 December 2013

Inital call for electric lines down. After investigation, we located Armstrong Cable lines which came off the pole. The lines were removed and Armstrong notified

Call Log #154: Fire Alarm
11 December 2013

False Alarm, Proper code received

Call Log #153: MVA - George Junior Rd
9 December 2013

Superior EMS and GCFD responded to an MVA on George Junior Rd. We provided traffic control and assisted Superior units on the scene

Call Log #152: Structure Fire - Holmes Rd
8 December 2013

RIT 95 responded to assist Mercer East End (Station 87) with a house fire. 87's crew got a fast knockdown, saving a majority of the house. We assisted with locating hotspots and ensure the fire was out.

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